"Oh my gosh, look at those ears!"  That was the first thought that came to

mind after seeing a photo of our first English Lop, Festus.  Although we started in

Holland Lops, the English quickly became a favorite in our household. Their sturdy

size, combined with their laid back personality and adorable features make them

nearly irresistible.  We began showing English Lops in ARBA sanctioned shows in

2016, but unfortunately severe rabbit allergies forced us to reconsider not only showing and breeding, but even owning rabbits as pets.  However, it was something we truly enjoyed and so it  was with a little creativity that were ready to re-enter the rabbit scene.  With the help of face masks, diligent hand washing, and out of home housing, we are able to continue on with our plans.  We strive to breed English Lops that conform to the standards set forth by the ARBA.  Pet, brood, and show quality rabbits are occasionally available.



- Located in Oxford, MI - 




Oxford, MI 48371

Ph: (248) 602-5382

USDA License #34-A-0194

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