Breeding hedgehogs for many years can certainly spark an interest in the unusual, 

so it was only natural that we would be curious about skunk ownership.  After

three years of thought and missed skunk kit seasons due to our own

indecisiveness, we decided to go for it.  In 2017 we applied for our DNR permit and

purchased our first skunk from a Michigan breeder.  Our then two year old son

had absolutely no idea what this furry critter was and so he began calling him "Oggy," as he could not say "doggy" at the time.   The name stuck and we formed an instant connection with this strange little animal.  If you have never socialized with a skunk, believe us when we say they are unlike any other pet.  Highly intelligent, crafty, and determined, a skunk is almost the perfect combination between a ferret, a cat, and a dog.  Although skunks can make great pets if you invest the appropriate time training, learning, and modifying your own environment, they are not like a cat, hedgehog, or even a ferret.  They do not adjust well to being caged and are skilled thieves who will think nothing of busting into your kitchen cabinets when you are not looking.  We learned this very quickly and now have our home skunk proofed.  It is like extreme baby proofing and even then they still seem to find a way to get into things they're not supposed to.  Even so, we love them and hope to help further educate people about skunk ownership.  Although they certainly are not the perfect pet for everyone, those who are willing to take on the commitment will be rewarded with many amazing years of love and comedy.

      Skunks breed only during the Spring.  We hope to have kits available for Spring of 2020.  Because the number of available babies will be extremely limited, we are not currently keeping an active waiting list.  Please join our mailing list for updates!

In the meantime, if you are seeking a pet skunk in the state of Michigan, we recommend contacting Jim Rose of Rose's Skunks in Attica, MI.  

- Located in Oxford, MI - 



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USDA License #34-A-0194

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