This boy has a personality that could be described as slightly sweeter than your average hedgie.  He is not particularly nervous while being handled and would likely make a good choice for a first time or young hedgehog owner.

Hedgehog ID# DAISY022521-M2

ID Colors:  Teal/Green

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: February 25, 2021

Color: Dark Grey Pinto | Full Facial Pinto

Eye Color: Dark 

Expected Temerament: Average/Sweet
Anticipated Availability/ Wean Date: Ready to go by 04/16/21

Please note that we do not offer any guarantee when it comes to hedgehog temperament. Hedgehogs, especially younger babies, may change in temperament quickly and frequently. Generally, it is difficult to accurately judge the personality of a hedgehog until they reach 10-12 weeks of age, which is around the same time their final major quilling process is complete. By 6 months of age, their personalities are often pretty set and reliable. We can only describe what we experienced while working with them to take their photos.



To reserve this hedgehog, simply add them to your shopping cart and check out. We are no longer taking paid deposits on live animals. Failure to pick up your hedgehog within 3 days of weaning will result in the animal being returned to our sale page.  Balance and any sales tax must be paid in cash at the time of pick up.  We do not carry change.  Due to COVID restrictions and home renovations, we are currently not allowing in-home pick ups.  All pick ups will be made outside of our home in our driveway.  Zoom sessions can be scheduled as a replacement for the educational portion of our pick up appointment.



Your hedgehog is currently eating a blend of Farmina® Chicken & Pomegranate Cat food, Kirkland® Super Premium Cat food, and chitosan powder to increase digestible fiber.  Babies are fed this blend as they tend to often refuse foods outside of Farmina® if not exposed early, as it is a much richer food than most and is comprised largely of animal ingredients.  Once they are sent to new homes, some owners choose to switch to a different diet and find their hedgehog will not touch their new food.  In order to aid in preventing this issue, babies are exposed to a greater variety and therefore do not so readily reject foods containing less quality ingredients.  However, once babies leave, we recommend switching them to a diet of Farmina® Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten + chitosan, omitting the Kirkland.  Although many hedgehogs are fed strictly Kirkland food and do well on it for years, it contains fillers that are not easily digested by hedgehogs and the goal is to provide them with a diet which mimics the amino acid and fiber composition of what they would naturally consume in the wild as closely as possible.

Daisy Male #2

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  • Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transfered to any available hedgehog within the same age range at the time of pick up, should the selected animal not be what was expected or desired. 


    We expect our buyers to have done their homework on hedgehogs and that they are ready to make a hedgie a permanent part of their family.  However, we understand that sometimes, things just do not work out as planned.  

    We will always take back any of our hedgehogs at no compensation, regardless of age or health status, but do not offer any refunds to do so.  We do offer an exchange policy.  If you are unhappy with the particular hedgehog you have chosen, we will exchange that hedgehog  for one in the closest age range possible.  In the event that there is a waiting list, you would then be placed back  on that list and would be given the option to pick a new baby once those on the list before you have chosen.   In order to do an exchange, the original hedgehog must be returned to us within 3 days of purchase, provided they are in the same health and condition as when they left our care. 


    In accordance with our health guarantee, Muddy Creek Farms will offer a replacement for any qualifying hedgehog, falling within the guidelines of our purchase & sales agreement, should they be found to have specific health issues listed within the agreement.  This purchase agreement may be viewed on our website.

  • Buyers are responsible for any shipping arrangements, fees, and associated risks.  We do not currently offer any shipping option that would require us to transport hedgehogs for any distance.  We are willing to work with door to door transporters, should the buyer decide to arrange transport services.


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