Farmina® & Kirkland® + Chitosan

All hedgehogs at Muddy Creek Farms wean eating a blend of Farmina® Chicken & Pomegranate Cat food, Kirkland® Super Premium Cat food, and chitosan powder to increase digestible fiber. Babies are fed this blend as they tend to often refuse foods outside of Farmina® if not exposed early, as it is a much richer food than most and is comprised largely of animal ingredients. Once they are sent to new homes, some owners choose to switch to a different diet and find their hedgehog will not touch their new food. In order to aid in preventing this issue, babies are exposed to a greater variety and therefore do not so readily reject foods containing less quality ingredients. However, once babies leave, we recommend switching them to a diet of Farmina® Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten + chitosan, omitting the Kirkland. Although many hedgehogs are fed strictly Kirkland food and do well on it for years, it contains fillers that are not easily digested by hedgehogs and the goal is to provide them with a diet which mimics the amino acid and fiber composition of what they would naturally consume in the wild as closely as possible.


Our bulk packaging includes a zipper closure and is heat sealed for freshness.


This Package Contains:  Farmina Grain-Free Chicken & Pomegranate Cat, Kirkland Super Premium Cat, Chitosan Powder


*Limit 1 sample per customer*




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