Farmina® Grain-Free Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten + Chitosan

Nutrition is important.  Muddy Creek Farms highly recommends Farmina Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten formula with the addition of chitosan powder to create a diet which, in terms of nutritional value, is more comparable to what your hedgehog would naturally eat in the wild. 


Because your hedgehog has a simple digestive tract, they cannot easily digest plant matter, including fiber in the form of cellulose and plant proteins.  Farmina Chicken & Pomegranate contains an impressive 70% meat content, with 95% of protein being derived from easily digestible animal ingredients.  This allows your hedgehog to eat a higher protein diet, therefore preventing protein deficiency and associated complications, without the increased worry of damage to the kidneys. Chitosan increases the fiber content and unlike cellulose, is much more easily utilized by your hedgehog's simple digestive tract.  A lack of adequate dietary fiber is linked to obesity and related comorbidities.  


Our bulk packaging includes a zipper closure and is heat sealed for freshness.


This Package Contains:  Farmina® Grain-Free Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten, chitosan powder


*Limit 1 sample per customer*




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