The following list reflects skunks that currently have babies in the nest or those who have been bred and have an impending due date.  Please keep in mind that not every breeding will result in pregnancy, just as not every baby born will necessarily make it to weaning age.  This serves to merely provide prospective buyers with as much information as we possibly can regarding time frames and availability. 

  • The following information is for informational purposes only.  We make no guarantees concerning availability. 

  • The number of kits born in any given litter will not necessarily reflect the number of babies that will become available. 

  • We reserve the right to retain babies at any given time for our own breeding program. 

  • Availability is generally determined at 6 weeks of age.  We will then begin posting babies to our available skunks page.   

  • Expected beginning wean date does not necessarily guarantee a specific date in which any given baby will be ready to leave.  

Oggy x Koko

Expected Breed Date: Spring 2019

Status: Not yet bred

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